List of Nintendo 64 Horror Games

List of Nintendo 64 Horror Games

We did not expect to find many games which would fit onto a Nintendo 64 horror games list, but to our surprise we found around 9 games which could be labelled as being horror games or horror themed games.

Not every game on the list is a pure horror game in the likes of Resident Evil etc. but we still felt that these 9 games deserved a position on a Nintendo 64 horror games.

List of Nintendo 64 Horror Games





Castlevania for the Nintendo 64 is properly the title on our Nintendo 64 horror games list, which potentially could cause the most confusion for a potential players. This is due to the game having the same name as the very first Castlevania which was released for NES.


However Castlevanina for the Nintendo 64 is nothing like the original sidescoller and offers both a different gameplay experience as well as a different storyline.

The fact that both the NES version and this one has the same name, has caused Castlevania for Nintendo 64 to be dubbed Castlevania 64 by players in order to be able to tell the games apart. I will for the reminder of the info here refer to the game as Castlevania (64) just to avoid confusion.


The Story of Castlevania (64):

Dracula is once again stirring. He has been awakened by the wickedness of mankind, it is now up to Reinhardt Schneider, a descendant of the Belmont clan, and a female magician called Carrie to defeat him.


From the short story description above it is obvious that Castlevania (64) doesn’t break any new ground concerning storyline. However when it comes to the gameplay Castlevania (64) is very different from most other Castlevania games, since it is the first Castlevania game which features a full 3d world as well as a 3rd person viewing angle which has almost become a trademark of horror games.

Castlevania (64) is supposed to be one of the scarier Castlevania games and potentially could be one of the scariest games on our Nintendo 64 horror games list, however this needs to seen. I haven’t played Castlevania (64) yet but I am assuming that it will offer more scares than any of its predecessors since the inclusion of 3d graphics offers better possibility of getting more immersed in the game.

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is yet another Castlevania game which found its way on to this short list of Nintendo 64 horror games. The gameplay of this second and last Castlevania games released for Nintendo 64 follows the same style that was introduced in Castlevania (64).


The story of Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Once again someone or something is trying the resurrect Count Dracula.In order to accomplish this a human sacrifice is need and to this end Ada, the sister of a man called Cornell, has been kidnapped. It is now up to as Cornell to find your kidnapped sister as well as stopping the resurrection of Dracula. This is no small task but Cornell is also no normal man. He is a beast-man.


Of the two Castlevania games on this Nintendo 64 Horror Games list, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is the one I think sound the most interesting due to the following reasons:

  1. According to the reviews I have read, the game features better graphics than Castlevania (64)
  2. The game is also supposed to feature more than one storyline. You are supposed to have the storyline of Cornell plus the storyline from Castlevania (64) and a storyline about an extra character which attempts to save a number of kidnapped children.
  3. Lastly Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness offers intro cinematic and more music scores than Castlevania (64) which ultimatly leads me to think that it offers more mood.

Since I haven’t played neither of these Nintendo 64 horror games yet, I cannot claim to know for sure if Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is better than the first one, but from what I have read both games a definitely going to be played and review eventually.

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Doom 64

First you where the sole survivor against a horde of demons from hell, then you where the one who had to save earth from certain doom as the demons invaded earth. Now in Doom 64 it is now up to you to stop the demon from resurrecting its fallen comrades and taking over the world once again. All in all its a tough job being a marine and the saviour of the world.

Doom 64 is very similar to the original Doom games but assume that the game is exactly like the originals.  Not only do you get a new storyline, which is as arguable thin as in the other games of the series, Doom 64 also features new and improved graphics and totally different level design.

  • Doom 64 offer a full 3d rendered world with nice clean graphic.
  • Nice lightning effects which offers good mood.
  • A new weapon, and new graphics for old weapons.

Even though Doom 64 offers new items, better graphics and an improved level design, the game didn’t receive that many positive reviews. The biggest complaint has been that the first person view is handled exactly the same way as in the original game, and is lacking the ability to look up and down.

All complaints aside I am still looking forward to playing Doom 64 as it is a game I assume can offer a few scares.

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a first person fantasy action game based on the Doom engine and even though the game doesn’t not qualify as a full fledged horror game, I still feel that it belongs on a Nintendo 64 horror games list, since it’s a game that offers plenty of mood and gets quite scary at times. Hexen: Beyond Heretic is the second game in the Serpent Riders series, and continues the story which was introduced in the first game of the series called Heretic.


In Heretic an elf defeated the first of the 3 evil Serpent Rides, but while he did this the two remaining Serpent Riders had opportunity to create chaos in other dimensions. On of these dimensions is Cronos which holds the world of Hexen. Quickly each of its leaders was swayed to the side of the second Serpent Rider, and soon only 3 “heroes” was left to stand against them. It is now up to you as either a Warrior, Cleric, or Mage to go forth and defeat the second Serpent Rider and his minions.


I have always like Hexen: Beyond Heretic more than I liked the Doom series. This is mostly due to the fantasy theme and the fact that you need to explore the different levels as well as do a lot of back tracking. I played the game when it came out PC, never completed it though, so I have never actually played the Nintendo 64 version but from what I have read their is supposed to be no difference.

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Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures is a game that is some what different than the other Nintendo 64 horror games on this list, since it is a 3rd person beat’em up game. The game play consists of running through levels, smashing boxes to find power ups, and fighting the Nightmare Creatures that has been released on London. The game is pretty linear with minimal exploration, but has a fairly creepy and gothic storyline.


The Background story of Nightmare Creatures is as follows:

In the 1600 a strange cult called the Brotherhood of Hecate attempted to take over the world by researching strange and dangerous elixirs and potions which should make their follows super human.  The result wasn’t like they hoped and eventually one of their own burned down their headquarters along with half of London. Now approximately 200 years later the evil unlawful research of the Hecate brotherhood has fallen in to the hands of a once respected doctor Adam Crowley, who has begun creating hellish creatures and letting them loose in London. It is now up to Ignatius, a  monk and expert in the occult, and Nadia daughter of Dr. Jean Fanciscus who has been slain by Adam Crowley to stop this ancient evil.


The game offers quite a lot of mood and it is quite an entertaining game, I might not go as far as calling it scary but its certainly very very moody. This is a title I am looking forward to play through again since I found it very entertaining when I played it at the time it came out.

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Quake was ID software’s next horror themed shooter to be released after Doom 2. I don’t think Quake needs that much of an introduction but I will give you a short one anyway. Quake is a first person shooter which unlike Doom offered the possibility to look up and down. The game featured enhanced lightning effects and full 3d. A lot of the monsters in the game was inspired by horror creatures, the final boss is for instance Shub-Niggurath, which a name fans of H.P. Lovecraft ought to have heard before.

The Story of Quake is a little bit fuzzy, but from what I have found it seems remarkably similar to that of the first Doom:

Humans has discovered the technology of teleportation, and in doing so has opened up for an enemy from another dimension. The enemy which has been codenamed: “Quake” by humans as used the human teleportation device to insert death squads into the human dimension. A counter attack by the humans failed and it is now up to the last survivor “YOU” to stop this invasion.

Even though the story in Quake is a bit confusing and simple it is quite a moody game. I remember that I thought it was quite scary when I played it. Not sure what I would feel today, but there is no doubt that Quake offers some cool and fairly creeping looking monsters.

Quake II

Quake II is yet another horror themed first person shooter, on our Nintendo 64 horror games list, by ID software. Even though Quake II has the same title as Quake the two games are very different when it comes to setting, the theme and the story. When Quake deals with the occult, Quake II deals with a sci-fi setting.


As the earth marine Bitterman you are part of the assault on the Strogg home planet, in order to save Earth for an invasion. During the attack most of the other marines are killed or captured except you since you ship crashes in the capital city. It is now up to Bitterman to fight through the hordes of the cybernetic Strogg and save Earth.


The storyline in quake II is less confusing than the one presented in Quake and I think it is an overall better game. The game doesn’t offer as much dark horror feeling as the original Quake, but it still managed to offer a creepy a certain points, and the over all theme of the game is horror.

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Shadow Man

Shadow Man is a 3rd person horror game, where you as unique as it may sound control a zombie. Michael LeRoi is Shadow Man a voodoo warrior, who together with a very powerful voodoo priestess called Mama Nettie is attempting to save the world from a powerful evil called Legion.

Shadow Man is an action game, and is played almost purely from a 3rd person perspecitve. It is possible in game to change to first person view while aiming but I would consider it a scondary feature. Shadow Man can jump, crawl, swim, climb etc. inorder to over come some of the physical obsticals on the diffrent levels.

I can’t say much about the horror felling of this game since I have never played it, but it looks to be a very entertaining title. The story is unique or special and from the few videos i have watched it seems to offer some scary moments. It is defiantly a game i am going to play.


Here is a title I am assuming you didn’t expect to find on a Nintendo 64 horror games list, and I can understand why. StarCraft is a stratagy game, and as such it is a type of game which doesn’t offer much horror since you as the player is far away from the action. However I still think StarCraft deserves a place on the list when you look at the story and what happens in game.

It is difficult to tell anything or much of the story present in StarCraft without ruining it so I will refrain from do so. I can how quickely tell you that the games story follows a battle against a alien race called Zerg and has all the twists and turns that are expected. The story is built up in 3 parts:

  1. You start playing the human campaign where you have to protect yourself against the Zerg invaders. The Campaign ends tragically.
  2. Next the dark story line continues as you play the game from the Zerg perspective.
  3. Finally the last part is played from the perspective of another race called Protoss.

StarCraft is like i said earlier not a real horror game but it is a stratagy game with a horror themed story, and a good one at that. This is the main reason why I think this game needs a position on a horror games list, since some of the cut scenes and story sections can be quite chilling

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